Superintendent's Message

“Small Schools, Big Achievements!”

Welcome to the Yamhill Carlton School District. We pride ourselves in serving our communities and helping our students grow and achieve. Students at our schools have numerous opportunities to explore their interests in academics, athletics, and the arts. Graduates from our school system go on to have great success in the colleges or careers of their choosing.

We have a highly dedicated staff that works hard to help students reach their potential. Our staff members are innovative and are continually developing new ideas to help students grow. Students are assessed regularly and our instructions are adjusted to meet their needs.

At our schools, students in the secondary grades have access to STEM classes, including Agriculture, Rocketry, Manufacturing, Computer Aided Drafting, and many more. YC is the only school district in the state to have a working vineyard on its campus. Band and orchestra are available as well as a K-12 musical theater program. We offer the possibility of gaining college credit in 19 different classes at the high school.

We are a proficiency-based school district, which means that students are assessed on measures of what they have learned according to the state standards. It is less about students getting their homework in on time and more about making sure that they have acquired the knowledge and skills they need for success. This means that there are no “D”s allowed at the secondary school, students have to demonstrate that they have learned what they need to pass the class.

Though our recent capital bond, we have recently refurbished our elementary school and have rebuilt our high school/intermediate school campus. We have just opened a new Science and Career Technical Education Building that serves both middle and high school students. Housed in the first monolithic domed classroom building in the State of Oregon, our students have access to science, engineering, and manufacturing programs. A new competition and practice gymnasium will be open for student use by the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

We hope that you and your child take advantage of every opportunity we offer and strive to become part of the YC community.


Charan Cline Ed.D



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