COVID-19 Communications and Information

COVID-19 Communications and Information

Keeping our students, staff and community healthy and safe is a priority. 

Click here for our exclusion chart which contains important information on when to stay home, when to return to work or school and how we keep our community safe when sick. 

For our Communicable Disease Management Plan please click here


Can my child attend school today?

YCSD's COVID-19 Communication Guidance 

Our COVID-19 Communication Guidance provides helpful information such as:

-When to stay home when a student, staff member or family member are ill.
-When to return to normal school activities after illness.
-The differences between primary and non-primary symptoms of COVID-19.
-Scenario breakdowns if a staff member or student present illness while at school or work. 
-Step by step scenarios broken down at the family, school, district and community levels. 
-HIPAA and FERPA laws explained.

Please click here for our COVID-19 Communication Guidance