Maintenance & Facilities


Maintenance Services is committed to maintaining our facilities by providing a clean and safe learning environment focusing on efficiency, communication, and customer service.

120 North Larch Place, Yamhill, OR 97148

Maintenance Services is responsible for maintaining or providing all:

  • Facilities
  • Grounds
  • Custodial Services
  • District Surplus Warehousing 


Maintenance/Facilities Manager - Ian Barr
Email : [email protected]

Maintenance Employees & Custodians:

Barbie Wood - Custodian @ YCHS
George Koopman - Custodian @ YCHS
John Kuehnel - Custodian @ YCIS
Kyle Findley - Maintenance @ YCSD
Jeramie Clements - Custodian & Maintenance @ YCHS
Brandon Miller - Grounds & Maintenance YCSD
Dylan Schiesl - Grounds & Maintenance YCES
John Fleury - Part time custodian @ YCES 
Erin Tichenor - Custodian @ YCES

Want to rent a facility at YC?

If you would like to rent a facility on the Yamhill Carlton School District campuses, please visit our Community Portal HERE to view what is available. Keep in mind that a Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for certain types of events as well as fees if certain requests are needed for your event. You will also have to fill out the below document titled "FACILITIES RENTAL AND AGREEMENT FORM".  Please be sure to email this form to the email stated on the form. 

Below you will find commonly needed documents.
Facility Rental