Hybrid and Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL)

Hybrid and Comprehensive Distance Learning

On this page you can find helpful resources from both the District and ODE regarding  Hybrid and Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) as well as updates from our superintendent and important information regarding online learning, health and safety and our guide to reopening. 

Superintendent's Updates

Last updated on March 19th, 2021


Greetings YC Students and Families

After some beautiful days the rain and wind has returned…must be Spring Break in Oregon! Thanks again for all you have done to support our transition back to in-person learning in YCSD. Your students have done a fantastic job and their spirit has been an inspiration to us all. We miss them already! I want to thank you too for your support of our staff who have weathered every storm and risen to every challenge over the course of the past year. Together you have achieved what had seemed impossible.

We want to share just a few updates as we head to a very well-deserved break.

Health and Safety Metrics

Thanks for continuing to make safe choices and helping to cause our increasingly downward trend in COVID cases in Yamhill County. In keeping the case rate low we open up more and more opportunities at school and for all parts of our community. Thanks for wearing those masks, keeping that distance, washing those hands, and being thoughtful and safe when gathering.

April 9th- End of Semester Grading/Assessment Day

Just a quick reminder that April 9th represents the end of a semester for our high school students and will be a day for grading, assessing, reporting, and/or sharing feedback for all schools. There will be no school for students on that day.

Please Have an Amazing Spring Break

I hope you have a chance to do a lot of playing during our break!  There is that natural renewing and re-creation that goes with spring and Oregon is such a great place to “play!” There are a lot of really smart people who agree that play is where creativity, imagination, inspiration and powerful learning are born, so I hope you play a lot!  I can’t thank you enough for all your support for and commitment to YCSD this year. You bring to life the quote that “Deep roots never doubt that spring will come.”  I hope your first days of spring are awesome and thanks for being Tiger Strong!

With Appreciation,




Please click the links below to download our hybrid learning blueprints for each school.

Click here for YCES Hybrid Blueprints
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Guidance last updated: 03/22/2021 Version: 6.3.1

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