YC's Mission

The Yamhill Carlton School District champions the growth of its students. Our students recognize their individual strengths and talents, overcome their challenges, grow past proficiency, and succeed in their aspirations, so each may contribute positively to the local and global society.
A YC graduate will have the ability to employ complex thinking to solve problems and communicate effectively. He or she will be a self-directed learner who can recognize and produce quality products. A graduate will understand the relevance of their learning and will have used portions of it in an applied setting. This person will have the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to contribute positively to their local and global community and be able to collaborate with peers to develop creative solutions. Graduates will use technology responsibly and effectively to accomplish their purpose in both applied and academic settings.
All graduates of the YC School District will be able to articulate their goals and aspirations and have a plan for how to achieve them. A graduate will exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. They will be able to successfully pursue post-secondary education training and careers.
The Yamhill Carlton School District will continue to improve its programs for students to become proficient in knowledge and skills specified by the Oregon academic standards. Our proficiency assessment systems will provide reliable and accurate data so that we can equitably help all students meet their potential. Students will embrace a growth mindset and own their learning through purposeful classroom instructional techniques and student academic planning. To ensure proficiency, teachers will use direct intervention systems to identify and provide extra help to students who need it. As students gain proficiency, they will be challenged with rigorous extensions to the curriculum that accelerate their learning. A robust variety of courses such as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), career and technical education (CTE), and fine and performing arts courses will be available to all students of all ability levels. College level courses and advanced career learning opportunities will be accessed by all students. To read YC's operating principals, CLICK HERE.