FAQ's for New Families
Why should I choose the Alliance Academy over other hybrid schools?

As your local hybrid school, the Yamhill-Carlton Alliance Academy offers you the best of two education worlds. We are a school-at-home community where you can educate your children with the support of a public school. Not only do we have the advantage of technology (Chromebooks and online classes are available), but we offer traditional textbooks and a personal approach with support and regular check-in's from a teacher. We encourage our students to be active and involved in their communities and support that by reimbursing parents for eligible activities. We also schedule regular field trips, in-person seminars, and a variety of opportunities to interact with other Academy students who share like interests. 

How much does Alliance Academy cost, and what support do students get?

The academy is free. In addition, full-time students may check-out a Chromebook to use for their classes. We also provide resources and support to parent/teachers and their students. All families are assigned a mentor teacher who will help them schedule their courses and will hold individual mentoring meetings with students and their parent/teacher.

What do I need to do to enroll? 

If you live outside the Yamhill-Carlton School District you'll need to apply to transfer from your resident district to YC. Each district sets their own policies on how they handle transfers so please contact your home district to get that started.
The enrollment forms we need are found on the Prospective Parents tab of this page.