Reimbursement Guidelines

  • All enrichment activities must correspond to Oregon educational standards found here:
  • Funding is based on full-time enrollment. Part-time students and partial year students will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • Total amount allocated will be paid out in monthly installments of $84 ($42 for half-time).
  • Internet reimbursements (up to $50 per month/per family) are paid quarterly.
  • Activities from a licensed vendor are preferred. If the establishment is not a licensed vendor, you must include a website or brochure with your enrichment request. 
  • Materials/activities must provide a secular curriculum.
  • All non-consumable materials (microscopes, books, Rosetta Stone, etc) are property of Alliance Academy and must be returned at the end of the year.
  • Alliance Academy field trip fees will be reimbursed from the student’s enrichment account.
  • If you have any question about whether an item is eligible for reimbursement submit a pre-approval form before paying for the activity or item. Pre-approval forms can be found below.